Exponoivos 2019

Exponoivos is the event by excellence for those who want to know the news and choose all the details of an event that unites two beings in communion for marriage. From the simple memory of boyfriends to the full ceremony, the bride and groom find everything they need to make their dreams come true. Finogold, with its wide range of wedding rings, intends to offer a variety ranging from traditional wedding rings to the most contemporary models, where specific customization is always possible, giving a unique touch to the everlasting union symbol.

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Portojóia 2018

Portojóia, the largest national event in the goldsmithing area, offers the possibility of presenting new products and new collections, offering its customers the possibility of renewing and innovating the articles to be exhibited in their establishments.Finogold, takes this opportunity to publicize, listen to their customers, and get more visibility in the market.Its extensive experience provides a good knowledge of the sector, where the wedding ring is its strongest product, which is the result of over 90 years in the manufacture of this kind of articles.

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