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Traditional Wedding Rings

The best symbol that defines the union between two beings that love eachother is the wedding ring. Wanting to keep the ancestral tradition, Finogold created a colection of traditional wedding rings, based on a vast experience and supported by the artisans that develop this article, as old as we remember.

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Finogold was initially created for sale by online catalog. The need for a physical point came due to the quickly achieved success, in order to bring human relations closer and showing the article of their selection.

The preferred location was the city of Porto, due to the proximity of the company’s headquarters, which is located in the heart of the Portuguese goldsmith city, Gondomar. The city’s downtown is the place for excellence, able to disclose the reason of being of the company, the traditional Portuguese goldsmiths.

Connected with proven expert jewelry-manufacturers and some with dozens of of experience (over 90 years), we offer a range of national products with proven manufacturing standards capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

The company specialized in the wedding ring, providing a range of unusual products that combine with the most remarkable moments of people’s lives.